Hello Everyone!

June 17, 2011

Welcome to my life as a Channel Marketing Specialist at Discrete Wireless. I am an outdoor enthusiast that lives in Atlanta, Georgia and can be found running, walking my dog or playing sports in the hours after work. I received my BBA in Marketing from Georgia College & State University and I can definitely say I would not be here without the support and guidance I received from my professors.

This has certainly been an exciting year from me! I moved into an apartment in the Buckhead community of Atlanta and have traveled to some amazing places. I started as the channel marketing specialist at Discrete Wireless on June 1st and every day has been different and exciting.

Discrete Wireless is a fleet tracking company that provides businesses across the nation the ability to manage their vehicles, reduce fuel costs and monitor driver behavior. This blog is a snap-shot of my perspective in the marketing department and I hope to cover everything from new trends in marketing and SEO to up and coming products in the GPS and fleet tracking industry. And of course, I’ll occasionally throw in some thoughts on the crazy things I do in my spare time such as competing in triathlons and running marathons (After completing the Berry half marathon in March, I hope to complete my first full marathon in 2011!).

If you want to see more about where I work, you can visit our site here: Discrete Wireless. Thanks for following along!


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