Google +1

July 1, 2011

I’ve noticed that the creation of the Google +1 button has caused a lot of buzz in the SEO industry, some good and some bad. When Google sent the e-mail out to its account holders to officially introduce the button, my twitter blew up with comments on the new tool.

Will Google+1 just be a hype and fade like Google Buzz did? I feel like this is Google’s way to to copy Facebook (and Facebook did respond to the Google+ 1 button by partnering with Bing)…I guess we will see in a few months! I do know at least for now, having 1000 +1s will not help my page rank, at least at this time.

Our office is trying to consider ways we could get our customers to click the +1. Are companies going to start doing campaigns to click the +1 button with Google the same way they do “like” and “follow” campaigns on Facebook and Twitter? Here is an great article I found on the new social media button: Everything You Need to Know About Google +1

Let me know what you think!


4 Responses to “Google +1”

  1. Sajib Says:

    I don’t seriously think that Google + will be a flop like Buzz or Wave. It won’t beat Facebook either, but it will be a hit among hardcore Google services users. Because your plus profile is kind of already prepared for you. Google + pulled information from your Google Profile, activates Chat system from your Google Talk /Gmail, includes people from your Gmail address book, fetches photos from Picasa and so on. It’s like a readymade product. Plus it’s a lot, i mean LOT more user friendly than Wave or Buzz (well, buzz is a duplicate of twitter with some added functionality).

    So I think Google+ will be a hit. Can be the second largest social media after Facebook. It has potential.

    • Thanks for your thoughts! I think the one flaw with Google + is that for those who are not as “tech savvy”, I think it might be hard for people to start using. Before you will start seeing the “+” on other pages, you must use the function once on something. I actually had to ask someone who has used it how to start activating it, so I would be slightly worried about that.

      You are right though, it’s a readymade product and a lot of the work has been done. I have been using it and enjoy the functionality. With all of these social media tools emerging, we will have to see which ones become leaders with facebook (and I agree with you, Google + is definitely a front runner). I can’t keep up with all of them anymore.

      • Sajib Says:

        One of the best things about Google+ is that I don’t need a separate tab for it. The bar on Gmail page lets me see notifications, actual posts/comments/photos as well as post status, upload photos or add videos without even opening a new tab. That’s the smartest thing of Google+ because under any circumstances my Gmail page is always open.

  2. […] like to quote a comment I left in a post written by Nicole Locklear: I don’t seriously think that Google + will be a flop like Buzz or Wave. It won’t beat Facebook […]

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