Channel Marketing

July 6, 2011

Today I am starting two ongoing programs where I will offer marketing support to my channels. My company uses Marketo, an automated marketing program, to push out e-mail blasts and campaigns. I’m offering my channels the chance to send out one of four campaigns through Marketo, promising all leads that come through that particular campaign. I am also offering to write case studies for them with the understanding that I will brand the study with their logo and information. Case studies are a great way to promote the product, especially when we have customers saying they save 20% on fuel costs alone when they employ our product.

To see what I’m trying to promote, you can visit Discrete Wireless to find more information about the MARCUS platform. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of results I get from the program, let me know what you think!


2 Responses to “Channel Marketing”

  1. Good luck with your new program Nicole! The beauty of all this Internet marketing is that we can try new things and measure the results to see if it works. It’s pretty easy to then tweak the marketing program.

    Wishing you much success!


    • Thanks for the well-wishes Nancy! I am slowly launching new programs, but I’m trying to make sure I do A-B testing on each thing I roll out so I can figure out what works and what doesn’t for the channel.

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