Google +1: Competition for Yelp and Facebook

July 8, 2011

Now that Google +1 is a few weeks into its launch, we’re starting to see some development of the new social-rating button.

On an earlier post, Sajib commented that the great thing about Google + is that as long as you have a Google account, there is nothing that you really need to do to set it up. Social networks such as Yelp and Facebook are closed systems and only allow ranking on their own sites. The new Google development is open platform and can be placed on any website and be incorporated with many social and media web applications. The button automatically appears next to text in Google searches so it gives a new meaning to “user-friendly.”

I am a frequent Yelp user because when choosing a service, the easiest way to decide between two companies is from the experiences of other customers. This new rating button by Google gives that to me, but now I don’t need to go to an external site to see the popularity of a site or service. It doesn’t necessarily give the written reviews I like in Yelp, but it will make some decisions easier on the fly.

From a marketing perspective, Google has encouraged marketing professionals not to incorporate “click +1 to enter” campaigns, but hasn’t forbidden it. It has also encouraged brands not to set accounts up yet, hoping to keep it a truly consumer-driven rating system. Right now, I do know that it doesn’t go into the organic ranking we all seem to have a love/hate relationship with, so while we need to keep an eye on Google + as it is incorporated with more and more features on the web, we may want to not focus all of our energy into getting a high “+1” count next to our URL (although some effort definitely won’t hurt!).

I am personally still skeptical the button, so I am waiting to see if it fades like Google Buzz did.

Want more information on how to incorporate the button on your site? Google’s information site can be found here: Google +1

Fuel Writes About Potential Problems with Google +1


5 Responses to “Google +1: Competition for Yelp and Facebook”

  1. -j Says:

    So do you think the launch of “Google+”, will give “+1” the needed social backbone that Fuel write about?

    I’m wondering if that is Google’s intent, to integrate the +1 button with Google+ circles. Its seems a little confusing if they are not integrated because of the names being so similar, but at the same time the advantages of Google+ are supposed to be better control over sharing within circles, that takes away a lot of the ease of use you mentioned with the +1 button.

    One thing for sure, I think, if a business decides it is important to their corporate strategies to get in early with the new tools, they will need a Google-like tolerance for trying things that end up not panning out and changing their approach.

    • I honestly don’t have an opinion on what is going to happen, and that’s mostly because Google hasn’t come out with many definitive statements about this Google+1 feature. A lot of their statements are “we hope to include [insert feature or integration] soon” so they don’t deny something or say it’s real. They are being too vague.

      I do agree with you on being an innovator though. If you’re going to do something, you need to be an early adopter and do it all of the way so you’re not playing catch up later or doing something at half of the quality you need.

  2. A critical perspective as usual Nichole, and I suspect wise to remain skeptical yet Google appears to have launched a service that has broad appeal and most of all ease of use as Sajib noted. I work for HyperDisk and have deployed Google+ on all of our client sites to great success.

    • Thanks for the comment Steven. When you say “great success”, are you seeing a lot of Google users hitting the +1 button? I am wondering how well this feature is being adopted by users.

  3. Mark Roberts Says:

    It will be interesting to watch the relevance of sites like Digg and Delicious if Google +1 really takes hold.

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