Corporate Social Responsibility

October 5, 2011

As we move offices, we wanted to remind employees of our Green Steering Committee headed up by Karly Spraggins and the programs available to NexTraq Employees.

In the new offices, don’t forget about the recycling bins in the kitchen, copy room, and other areas across the office. We’ll also have a cardboard recycling bin in our packing room. Please make sure to rinse out anything you place in the bins.

Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives:

1. Local Community Engagement: NexTraq offers a volunteering program where PTO will be matched, provided the time is spent working at a registered charity.

2. Reduce Company Carbon Footprint: NexTraq has deployed GoToMeeting throughout the entire organization for the specific intent of reducing face-to-face meeting time between Atlanta, Tampa and our remote offices. We also use video conferencing solution in our main conference rooms for company meetings to reduce travel.

3. Minimize Environmental Impact: NexTraq offices are required to comply with a set of policies that align with our Go-Green initiative including reducing energy consumption, waste, water consumption and increase purchasing of green supplies, cleaner communities and recycling.

4. Build Green Products: Through the entire product life cycle NexTraq considers factors that may
affect the environment including product design, manufacturing and packaging.
We strive to continuously improve the energy-efficiency of our products and to
avoid any potentially harmful materials – and we encourage our suppliers to do
the same.



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