Field (Service) of Dreams

October 7, 2011

NexTraq was recently featured in Workforce Magazine! As GPS fleet tracking evolves, it is moving away from the “Big Brother” image to one that actually helps employees and even ensures their safety.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Some managers use GPS-based tracking programs to make sure trucks roll along the best routes and technicians are where they’re supposed to be. Village Realty has a system from GPS fleet-tracking technology provider NexTraq installed in all the company’s vehicles, primarily to optimize assigning work orders. But the company also uses it to verify “that technicians are where they’re writing in that they are,” and executives also review the information from time to time, says information technology coordinator Aubrey Sharp.

But the technology hasn’t been the Big Brother some worried it would become. “A couple years ago, there would have been more push back,” Dutta says. “But organizations are doing a better job of explaining why they’re using GPS, so it’s not just ‘We know where you are,’ but to improve technicians’ life, so they’re not stuck in traffic, and for safety.” It’s also being used for customer compliance, so if someone falsely accuses a technician of missing an appointment, a company can prove that they were there, he says.

Village Realty is upgrading to a custom vacation rental software program that integrates the company’s GPS system with software used to schedule seasonal house cleaners. “So if a guest calls and we don’t have clean towels and the light doesn’t work,” the staff can get all the information in one place, says Sharp, who hopes it’s just the beginning of coming changes.

If you would like to see the full article, you can access it here:

Field (Service) of Dreams

We are moving this weekend but will be back and ready Monday morning at our new location. We will see everyone next week!


2 Responses to “Field (Service) of Dreams”

  1. Nicole – good luck with your move! We’d love to see pictures of your new office, once you are all settled in.


  2. Daniel Says:

    Great post headline ahah “field (service) of dreams”, so catchy and original. Very interesting article exerpt too, I like how it refers to technicians using GPS in there jobs. They should really take advantage of these types of technologies today, especially with mobile apps. Thank you!

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