Atlanta HVAC Company Increases Driver Productivity by 13 Percent

November 18, 2011

Estes Heating & Air Conditioning Increases Driver Productivity by 13 Percent with NexTraq

Atlanta HVAC service, sales, repair and installation company saves time and money with the NexTraq Fleet Tracking platform’s reporting features


Established in 1949, Estes Heating & Air Conditioning provides HVAC, plumbing and electrical services to both residential and commercial clients throughout the metro Atlanta area. Estes was looking for a solution to improve its GPS mapping capabilities and integrate a fleet tracking solution with their existing service automation software, SAWIN®. Jeffrey Allison, IT Administrator for Estes Heating & Air Conditioning, said, “The SAWIN application gives us the ability to automate most of our office processes, making us more efficient. We were looking for a fleet tracking solution that would integrate seamlessly with it.”


Allison selected the NexTraq™ Fleet Tracking solution because of its affordable pricing and ease-of use. He was able to integrate the SAWIN application with the NexTraq platform through NexTraq’s Web Services, an open platform that enables integration of its fleet data with third party applications such as accounting and billing, route optimization and mobile workforce management applications.


Allison said, “The tight integration between SAWIN and NexTraq made our dispatchers’ jobs easier as they didn’t have to toggle between screens to do their job – it became a much more efficient process.” Additionally, the dispatchers found NexTraq’s reporting functionality to be the most beneficial as they hold employees accountable to their daily schedules. Allison cites fuel savings and finding the closest vehicle to a location as added benefits.

With such a large metro area to service, Allison created zones for each area within Atlanta. Allison said, “Two vehicles can be very close together, but in different zones. If we can find the closest vehicle to a service call, we dispatch that vehicle and provide better customer service and faster ETAs.” The ability to know where the vehicles are at all times has increased driver productivity by 13 percent. Allison says, “They are able to take care of our customers more efficiently, often taking another service call not on their daily schedule. The benefits are two-fold: we help more customers and they get home faster at the end of their work day.” An added benefit? Estes can locate stolen vehicles before the police do. They were able to recover more than $30,000 of equipment because they could track the vehicle to its exact location. As one of the top 5 percent of all heating and air contractors in the country, it’s easy to see that Estes will experience even greater success and growth in the future. Allison concludes “We have a long-term relationship with NexTraq and it’s a win-win partnership.”

Article written By:

Ashley Jones


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