Unexpected Benefits of GPS Tracking

January 24, 2012

When we talk about the benefits of GPS fleet tracking, the conversation tends to revolve around things such as fuel savings, increased productivity and improved driver behavior. One of our clients recently sat down with us though, and discussed some pleasantly surprising results that they noticed in addition to the traditional benefits.

Landscape Concepts Management, Inc., a leading landscaping contractor company, was expanding rapidly and having difficulty tracking its vehicles and assets throughout its numerous locations. After deploying our system, the first thing they noticed was the decrease in fuel costs.

While the savings on fuel was definitely something they appreciated, the company quickly realized they were able to win new business due to their Sustainability Statement. George Markoutsas, Marketing Director for Landscape Concepts Management, said, “Because we could present a Sustainability Statement to potential clients in the bid process, we have won numerous contracts from municipal and commercial contracts that have to adhere to certain ordinances. We do our part to be a ‘green’ organization.”

Evelyn Herzog, Fleet Administrator for Landscape Concepts Management, said, “We realized immediate benefits from the NexTraq Fleet Tracking solution, but were surprised to realize we were benefiting in other ways we never considered. We are able to effectively fight false citations and lawsuits and can accurately report mileage to the International Registration Plan and adhere to the International Fuel Tax Agreement through the data we can analyze and report on within the NexTraq platform.”

Probably the biggest benefit of all though, was the ability to quickly locate a vehicle that had been stolen and direct the police to the vehicle’s location. With the real-time updates in the NexTraq application, LMC was able to recover $400,000 worth of stolen assets.

With the NexTraq solution in place, Evelyn and Landscape Concepts Management will be seeing a lot more green in the future.


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